Monday, July 28, 2014

The Nasty Side of Me

Ohaiii sweet cherries!!

It's been almost 3 weeks since I came to Beijing for my getaway and I've explored to places around from a whole different point of view compared to going under tour agencies. I took local bus rides, truly walked the streets, ate local (well, almost!), and people watch whenever I could. 

I can very much say that I have a total change of my thoughts and expectations towards China ever since, once I really get to feel and understand their way of life.

But there's this one incident that happened, had me thinking, and eventually gave me the inspiration to write this out. 
I've had this "problem" since a while back but quickly brushed it aside due to my lack of gutts. *heheh*

So here's the story : 

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called, "Ya Xiu Market" hail in Beijing. The land was filled with vendors selling all sorts of items from clothings, shoes, bags to gadgets of all sorts. It is a land with happy people selling and buying, haggling for the best prices possible for the valuable goods. There was this really beautiful young lady (aka : ME), who wandered upon one particular gadget shop which so happened to have the ideal magical wand ( tripod for camera ) for sale. So she approached the little shop along with her knight in shining armor (boyfie) in hopes to bargain for a good price. The vendor looked at her and gave compliments of how very beautiful she is, and looking like a Korean/Japanese doll. *wtf* 

Sadly, the price given was on a very high side so the beautiful young lady (aka:ME again) tapped in her offer price on the little calculator. Suddenly, the vendor transformed into a bloodsucking monster calling the beautiful young lady (aka:*ahem* me) a WITCH. 

Moral of the story : Don't judge the book by it's cover. WTF 

Hi from Beijing!! Randomly asked to be photographed by local photographers for their local app.
WTF unrelated but syiok~! LOL!!
As much as I want to be sweet and nice, sometimes, it doesn't mean I have to be nice and give what they expect me to be giving. 


Now would it be better if someone who dresses less than me to be taking less, just cause he/she has less? NO!!
Same goes to blogging/advertising.

It's been too many times that we are being pressed and squeezed to give a lot yet receive a lot lesser. We all know how much is one thing's worth, and we should know our own values. And that was one of the many reasons why I almost NEVER accept item sponsorship, and charge a reasonable fee for advertising.

Back to the vendor lady incident, if I were to pay for the amount she offered, who's on the better side in benefits? Of course, I got what I wanted BUT that's about it, while she is definitely getting more of it. 

You see, we all want a fair deal. And when it comes to purchasing items, we are more able to evaluate it's value. 

What about blogging? Has anyone thought of that?
Ok, now I know not everyone likes cold, hard and sad truth. 
But given at this time now, we know that ANYONE can call themselves a blogger.
You create an account, give your blogspot a name and BAM. 
You're a blogger. 
( It did annoy me once, but I got used to it after a while. )

What I tend to realise is that too many has jumped into thinking they were given the "opportunity" to blog JUST BECAUSE OF SPONSORSHIP. 
It's everywhere!! 

Alright, I know it's really unfair to be placing every blogger in the same platform cause everyone has different viewer traffic right? Put that aside for a moment and we'll get back to it later. 

You see, the problem is : WHAT IS YOUR VALUE?

You have a blog.
Someone emails you. 
Sure it's a famous brand, or maybe not. 
You choose an item.
And voila, you just got yourself your first sponsored blogpost.
Yay to one step closer becoming a super blogger.

So the feeling is mutual, am I right? WRONG.
You get what you wanted, they get a blogpost from you PLUS numerous shoutout by yourself just to get the more people to view.

I personally have met a lot of really nice sponsors who are very professional about dealing for a blogpost from me. 

Unfortunately, there are, still, a lot that totally just wants to take advantage off us bloggers. 

Here's the thing, you own a blog, which DEFINITELY means somehow you own an electronic device that allows you to blog. Then the electricity fees, the streaming services and your time & energy put into it. 

Is it worth for one single ( maybe two *pfft* ) sponsored item? 
Then we have to look at the VALUE of that item.
Do you like it? How much is it? 

So, let's not bother about the PRICE of the product. 
What about the BENEFITS they will go around getting from you?
It's not as simple as JUST-A-BLOGPOST-FROM-YOU.
But it's a whole long term profit from every viewer who finds "good reviews" thanks to Google search. 
Imagine if they got more than 20-30 bloggers to make blogposts with only sponsoring an item worth $1 

You'd be thinking, how much can they profit from since my traffic is low??
I consider myself LUCKY to even get sponsored.

Again, if the feeling is mutual.
By all means, go ahead. 
So this is a "nasty" side of me.
If you were to give me a single item just for a blogpost/shoutout, I'm sorry but please PAY ME. 

First, I don't know you. YET.
Second, when I'm done with my blogpost/shoutout, you are done with me. 
Third, I can CHOOSE to BUY my own and the DECIDE whether I like it enough to blog about it. 
Fourth, I can have the freedom to make GENUINE comment if it's a product review.
Fifth, I can take my own sweet time making my blogposts without time limit.

Like I said, NOT ALL sponsors/clients are like that.
Cause if one is confident about their product/item, they shouldn't be having problem of paying a little something called


Or items of equivalent value so we're both happy.
Maybe if you're VERY confident with your product, CONVINCE ME.

I have heard NUMEROUS stories where many bloggers were OBLIGED to blog/shoutout for items sponsored for the purpose of a "PRODUCT REVIEW". 
Which really shouldn't be that way.
Simply because it's for a REVIEW, meaning they send you products, and if you like it, blog about it! You know?

Like, how the f*ck do you want me to shoutout for you IF it was a crappy item??

Unless, of course, you totally LOVE the product then feel free to RAVE all you want.
You have absolute right to do so.

Unless, if they were going to be sponsoring you for the rest of your life.
Unless, again, if they're giving you a brand new car or something.

My concept is, pay me well, and I'll do my job.
It's just business, you know?

And if I don't feel comfortable with your brand, we don't have a deal.

Simple as that. 
You won't be offended cause I won't end up having to tell my friends (privately) that it doesn't work.
I don't risk my reader's trust for nothing.

Going back to different bloggers having different rates.
This, I can understand because people generally are paying for the number of readers you have. Too bad that I cannot reveal rates because it is, afterall, PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

So don't ask me how much!! It's everyone's market out there!!!

Nevertheless, never be put down because of how OTHER people press you for YOUR VALUE or let them tell you how much you're worth. 

And most of the time, it's not the brand/product that is the problem.
It's the people managing it.

So I find myself in difficult situation to be fighting for my own rights and value.
At the same time, I really want to be nice yet I couldn't.
Well, I don't really feel sorry for myself at all while writing this blogpost because at the end of the day, we know we cannot satisfy everyone.

Signing off,
Nasty Lumi

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pamper your Nails at Number76, Mont'Kiara

Ohaiii and blogging from Beijing!!

While I'm busy pampering my soul here, nothing still can compare with the pampering hair services back in Number76 for awesome smooth hair treatment and styling. 
Ok maybe cause I trust them a lot to care for my hair.. To the extent Hikky-san would advice me not to do what and care for my hair a lot more with hair treatment. 

That's how much attention they'd give rather than giving what you want without thinking twice about your hair condition.
Unless, you oblige to the risk of damaging your hair and insisting with it of course.

For the love of beauty, I am here to share that Number76 Mont'Kiara branch now has a nail artist in the house for nail art services!!
Knowing Hikky for so long ( well, about 2 years? ), she has quite a good taste for style and fashion, so does her choice of nail art.