Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2014 w/o Miss Selfridge


For you to find something that suites your style, one must first know the origins and concept of the brand. 

Miss Selfridge was a private UK based high street store which was a young fashion section of Selfridges department store in London. They were one of the first who featured Kate Moss in their campaigns with a lot more other famous models before they became famous. 

If you didn't know them for that long, perhaps you were enlightened by every-girl's-favourite-with-Chuck drama tv series Gossip Girl which, Miss Selfridge launched a special Gossip Girl Collection with a total amount of 8 line of dresses based on the four main female characters. 

Oh just admit it girls, we all are always being influenced by famous dramas/series.
It's not all that bad right? I mean you're being exposed to so many possibly-soon-to-be your favourite brand! 

Before I forget to blog about this cause there's just so many happening things on April that it seems like I've just became a full time busy woman. 

It's not that I'm complaining cause I really am enjoying what I'm doing now~!! 

Despite my almost packed schedule, I managed to squeeze in some time to attend the Mid Valley Megamall Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2014 for some eye opening time to see what's in store for Miss Selfridge's Spring/Summer Collection! 

I even bumped into all of my favourite ladies!!!
Povy, BoboStephanie, and Audrey ( aka Fourfeetnine )

Special appearance with Shu Uemura cosmetics and guest model of the night, Isabella Kuan.

With more guests wearing Miss Selfridge Spring/Summer collection.
Among the many reasons why I like Miss Selfridge is because they do produce petite apparels for petite people like us!!

Believe me, they fit very well. No cheat.

Right after the opening speech by the beautiful emcee of the night, the show begins and let me just show you which pieces I find attractive to me and I'll leave the rest for you to explore while you're doing your shopping at Miss Selfridge ok?

For Miss Selfridge's collection, they now emphasize more towards tribal prints as opposed to the typical floral.

But don't get me wrong, they do have quite a few floral piece up in store.

This tank top and tribal prints shorts makes it look a lot more refreshing for spring/summer if you still cannot shake off leather!

Two piece clothings are back again!! And it's yellow.
The catch is actually the midi skirt replacing the old shorts or skater skirt.

Show a little skin but with elegance by wearing a highwaisted pants and a low cut top.

If you're not a colourful person, an ALL WHITE outfit is good to go for Spring/Summer styles!

It's a two piece + pastel + pvc faux leather material + midi skirt.
What else can I ask for??

This will definitely be my keeper when I get my hands on it.

Miss Selfridge items are for those looking for a young and fresh look while conserving and elegant touch of your feminine side. They are ( according to me ) perfect for semi casual occasions and their items can almost always be worn for special events.

So if you think Miss Selfridge is also your thing in clothing choices, head on to their outlet whenever you're around~!! 

I shall end this quick blogpost now and I will see you again soon!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Of Jackets & Skorts W/O BlaqMagik LVRS

Dear all, OLA!!! 

I have a not-so-confession-confession to make, that is that I'm not the very girly girl type, nor the all boyish look kind of girl. Ever since I was young, my mom has always loved dressing me in sporty styles with a twist of a feminine touch in my wardrobe. 

Trust me, moms knows best what kind of clothings you look good in. And it never left my sight eversince I realised it. They basically have been in your ( or in my case ) life for almost 23 years and I bet they've tried every single piece of apparel on you ever since you're born. 

This time, I got a few items from BlaqMagik LVRS, and I shall show you guys how do I do it in balancing the feminity in my sorta sporty boyish style. 

The Denim 

You can never fail with denim. But denim sometimes can make you look sorta too boyish because of it's rough and tough character of it's fabric. The all-very-fitting denim jacket is cool but what's more playful is one that's OVERSIZED. 

What you'll need to know is how to balance the tight & loose WITH some skin to give that feminine peekaboo. 

Alternately, I'd still put on a dress with BOOTS while topping it off with a second piece of denim jacket.

It's both playful and girly with a balance of ruggedness.

Military All The Way 

Let's face it. Girls love it, men adore it when girls wear them. 
But we don't want to be sending the wrong signal telling men to BACK OFF SISSY I'MMA TOMBOY WHO LOVES PUSHUPS.

Right? * angel face * 

Throw in a skirt for some contrast, even pearls if you have 'em.

Add on a lil more spice to those army prints with a rough & tough chunky belt.

When it gets a bit too boyish with those boots, remind this bad boy combination with a pair of killer heels!! 

Score My Skort

Skort ; a cross between an skirt and shorts. Enough said, it screams boyish feminine but what better yet, have it in PASTEL!! 

A skort can be worn casually, or sometimes even for events when necessary so it's definitely a keeper for my type of apparel!!

Pastel colours do not run much when Spring/Summer is around so having them laying around is a smart SMART move.

But a lot of times, I'm guessing not many of you would have these pastel bottoms in your wardrobe cause I admit, they're a tad bit difficult to match isn't it?  

You've seen the all time favourite black skorts from ZARA but today, I'm gonna show you guys how to SCORE with this pastel coloured bottom!!

White tops are a pastel's best friend.

Try something long sleeved with and interesting sheer material to showcase a feminine semi-casual style while heels are a MUST to balance out the coverage of your top.

Feeling feline? I don't know about you but the cat image will always be around AND a crop top is THE BONUS.

Try adding a pastel accessory like how I'm wearing a pink choker to match with my pastel skort.

One of another safest way to match pastel bottoms is to get one of these multicoloured printed tops.

There is bound to have at least one colour in there that matches the pastel bottom you have~ 

FRUIT PRINTS are essential in my wardrobe if you ask me and they're like my favourite thing now!!

These prints should light up your wardrobe Spring/Summer of almost EVERY YEAR so do try to keep one in your sleeves. ^^

There's a lot more with what you can do with boyish looks and the key to master it is to remind yourself that you're a girl for goodness's sake!! 

Heels and accessories plays a huge role apart from makeup. 

I used to be very embarrassed about myself dressing up like a tomboy, ( as in t-shirts and slacks and all ) with a low ponytail. But hey, look what puberty did to me!!
I am forever proud of my boyish feminine character now that I know how to balance it all, while sometimes, my mom would tell me she missed that rugged tomboy me back when I was a kid. 

Moms. Hahaha!!  


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How about a pastel skort?
They have a selection from pink, blue and green to choose from~

Happy shopping!!